Our Urban Microgreenery
Quantum Microgreens is a boutique microgreen farm nestled in the Cherokee Point neighborhood of City Heights, in San Diego.  We are family run and we specialize in providing local chefs and residents with exactly what they are looking for.  Our microgreens are grown in simple greenhouses, using the sunshine [not lightbulbs] to coax young plants to reach their most delicious potential.  ​​
Our philosophy is fresh food, harvested regularly, taking advantage of San Diego's temperate climate and nourishing sunshine.
Our Products
  1. Broccoli Microgreens
    Small But Mighty
    Our microgreens might be tiny, but they pack a flavorful punch. These Broccoli Microgreens are nutritional powerhouses with a crisp broccoli flare.
  2. Hand Harvesting; Microgreen Harvest
    Hand Harvested
    At Quantum Greens, we hand harvest each and every batch, taking care and time to ensure your greens are fresh. In fact, we harvest and deliever same day. Customer's know our greens are fresh.
  3. Microgreens Glam Up Your Dishes
    Just a Pinch
    Not only are microgreens a great flavor addition, a way to pack in extra nutrition, but they instantly glam up your dish. You'll be surprised at what a pinch can do!