When you have your fill of lounging at the beach or park, it is time to bust out the beach fun activities. This post is your one-stop shop for 10 fun-filled games that will transform your beach or park trip from relaxing and chill to fun and laughs. From classics like paddle ball to trendy Kan Jam, get ready to soak up the sun and make memories with friends and family that are travel friendly and won’t get lost buried in the sand!

Beach Games

Fun Summer Beach Games

Don’t want to get out of your beach chair just yet?

You don’t have to leave your comfy chair or towel to play games.

Giant Checkers Game from Amazon

Giant Checkers and Tic-Tac-Toe Game

A travel and sand friendly checkers and tic tac toe towel. These are easy to pack and are lightweight for beach fun activities.

$13.99 on Amazon

Shop on Target

Colorful, waterproof playing cards by ban.do

Waterproof Playing Cards

Colorful and waterproof playing cards.

$14.95 on Amazon (as of 5/27/24)

Active Games for Two

Bringing the iconic aesthetics of the mid-20th century to your backyard or garden, Mid-Century Style Tin Sheds offer a perfect blend of sleek lines, minimalist forms, and practical simplicity.

Paddleball-The original beach game

The classic paddle ball game is one of our favorite beach fun activities.

$9.99 at Dicks Sporting Goods

$20.60 on Amazon

Toss and Catch

Velcro paddle for tennis size ball to stick. Great for playing with the kiddos

$26.98 on Amazon

Shop on Target

Games For Teams

Original Spike Ball

Two teams of two compete in an action packed Volleyball meets foursquare type game.

$79.99 at Dick’s Sporting Goods

$34.80 for a similar game on Amazon

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Ladder Ball

Sponge golf balls attached with a string and pvc ladder for hours of fun.

$40.72 on Amazon

$54.99 at Dick’s Sporting Goods

Bocce Ball

Softer balls make for a lighter weight bocce ball set. Perfect for travel.

31.99 on Amazon

32.98 on Amazon for harder resin balls

Kan Jam Set

Kan Jam Disc Toss

It’s like Disc Golf, meets Spike Ball, meets something else. Four players needed for this travel friendly exciting game.

37.91 on Amazon

Shop on Target

Games for One

Pencil and Paper games!

Puzzle Book for Brain Health

A sprial-bound ultimate puzzle book for losing yourself and relaxing.

$14.94 on Amazon

$8.49 at Target (not spiral bound)

Learn to Draw!

Why not spend your lazy day at the beach or park learning a new skill? Try this beginners book about learning to draw nature

$17.49 on Amazon

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