You should rinse your microgreens. Yes, I know it is easier to just eat out of the package (or right out of the living tray), but you really do want to wash microrgeens anyway.  Even if you buy from someone besides us (GASP!), and they tell you not to worry because they grow indoors and hydroponically, you still want to rinse your microgreens.

Seeds are alive, they have bacteria and such living on them. Even during the 5-14 days the microgreens have been growing, there is bacteria, yeast, and fungi in the air, mingling with them.

AND, you microgreens have probably not been washed because microgreens that are cut and put away wet or damp turn to mush really fast.  No grower wants you to have mushy gross microgreens.

We grow our microgreens outdoors in shade-houses. In other words, our microgreens are exposed to the ELEMENTS.  I know, I am guilty of eating veggies straight from the garden (and microgreens straight from the tray), but best practice is to just rinse them.

But you do need to be careful and rinse them the right way.  If you rinse them and then try to store them in the refrigerator (or your lunch box) without allowing them to fully dry,  it will get pretty nasty.

DISASTER! This is what happens when you refrigerate wet microgreens. YUCK!

DISASTER! This is what happens when you refrigerate wet microgreens. YUCK!

Three Methods to Wash Microgreens

Try out these three methods of washing your microgreens, grown yourself or store bought! Keep reading to find the method that suits you, and find out how I do it.

1.  The Rinse & Pat Method to Wash Microgreens

Sure, this is obvious.  Snip your microgreens off close to the soil line, or remove from package.  Rinse under a gentle stream of water.

Allow Gentle Water Stream to Rinse

Use a clean kitchen towel, or paper towels to gently dry your microgreens.  Remember, do not store your cut microgreens if they are wet.

TIP: If your washed greens are mostly dry, you can slip a paper towel in with your microgreens to absorb any excess water.

Gently pat dry your microgreens with a clean towel or papertowel.  Be gentle.

Gently pat dry your microgreens with a clean towel or papertowel.  Be gentle.

2. The Salad Spinnner Method to Wash Microgreens

As long as your salad spinner’s holes aren’t too big, a regular salad spinner does a good job.  Cut your microgreens and place them in the basket of your salad spinner.

Our Micro Salad Mix rinsed and ready to Spin

Our Micro Salad Mix rinsed and ready to Spin

Use the basket like a colander, allowing a gentle stream of cool water to wash microgreens.  Place your rinsed greens into the spinner, and spin.

Spin away.  

A salad spinner does a pretty good job of getting your microgreens ready to eat.  However, if you aren’t planning on eating them right away, they still may be too wet for safe storage.  I recommend placing a clean paper towel or clean cloth napkin in with your microgreens before refrigerating.  The towel will absorb some of that extra moisture and prolong the life of your freshly rinsed microgreens.

3. The Dunk & Shake Method of Cleaning Microgreens (My Favorite Way)

My favorite way to rinse off microgreens is the Dunk and Shake method.  This method only works with living microgreens that are nice and densly sown.  Radish, broccoli, peas, and mustard work well.  Any microgreen that is at least 1.5 inches tall will work.

With this method, you rinse them off and let them air dry.  Because they are still living, and their roots are attached, it is okay to have moisture on the microgreen leaves.

  1. Fill a bowl with water.

  2. Firmly hold on to your microgreen tray.

  3. I place a finger into the microgreens a bit to hold soil in place and then flip the whole tray upside down into the bowl of water.

Shaking them out! You can see my thumb holding the soil in place. 

Shaking them out! You can see my thumb holding the soil in place.

Only immerse your microgreens a few inches into the water (you don’t want to immerse past the soil line, or it will get really dirty).

Then flip your microgreens tray back over and give it a shake to remove some of the water.  Let it air dry and now your whole tray is ready for eating!

All rinsed and ready to air dry.

All rinsed and ready to air dry.

TIP! No matter how you wash your microgreens, do not put wet microgreens in the fridge

They will turn to a stinky mush.  Only put dry microgreens in the refrigerator.  To be extra sure, place rinsed and dried microgreens on a clean cloth napkin or paper towel, gently roll, and place in a plastic bag for storage.

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